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Oral Surgery: Preparing for Dentures

The primary step for preparing a jaw (or both jaws) for a good fitting denture is tooth removal and assuring that the remaining bony ridge is level and has a healthy width that can provide rock solid support.

Oral Surgery Specialists are a popular resource for denture dentists who do not perform multiple extraction surgeries. Oral Surgeons have access to a variety of technologies and protocols to successfully remove all teeth as necessary, regardless of complication.

As more and more dentists who fabricate cosmetic grades of denture prosthetics, they provide the oral surgeries needed without referring to a specialist. This enables the dentist to actively monitor tissue conditions as the teeth are being extracted.

Bone leveling, socket grafting, ridge splitting and soft tissue graft material is applied or placed as needed during the extraction process. The dentist is able to anticipate tissue therapies that are efficient since a prototype of the denture product has already been "envisioned."

Denture dentists and prosthodontists who make the "better" denture products that can look, feel and function almost as normally as Mother Nature's teeth... tend to have immediate access to the best selection of advanced technologies and products to create an idealized denture prosthetic environment.

In contrast, dentures that are painful, cause bleeding, create sores, interfere with speech, tilt or rock when eating or easily slip or fall out... usually suggests that tissue therapies and the overall "bone leveling" event either didn't occur or wasn't provided in it's entirety during extraction surgery.

Footage provided by Ara Nazarian, DDS, Troy MI.

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