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Oral Surgery: Financial Resources

Making Recommended Treatments Affordable

Find more help regarding public and private
financial assistance for qualifying families and individuals here

It is generally accepted that as dental patients, we all "know" that we are supposed to do all the things our dentists and specialists want us to do.

And of course, we try to do the best we can with maintaining our dental health habits. Chances are though, we tend to let certain things slide from time to time. Financial resources can easily become tight at times, especially with larger families or having simulataneous dental treatment needs for more than one family member.

Oral Surgery needs can begin at almost any age. Genetic endowments, trauma, complex root growths, missing teeth, jawbone quality issues can influence the need for specialist treatment.

Although it is quite common for all of us to put off or forestall certain recommended treatments, oral surgery, if not implemented within certain time frames.... can interfere with current treatment programs developed by a general dentist, periodontist or orthodontist, possibily causing untold effects for overall oral health.

To prevent prolonged delay, public and private resources exist in most communities that are designed to help individuals and families to get the treatments they need on a timely basis.

As with anything in dental health care.... conditions don't improve with time (although we may learn to adjust or manage the problem). And, as in general dentistry also, treatments tend to become more complex and costly the longer we delay treatment.

Well known financial institutions now offer financing plans (some even interest free) that enable us to get the dental care when it is needed ... and MOST affordable. Federal, State and Local government and private agencies also provide assistance for qualifying families.

  • FreeDentistry.com State by state directory of free or reduced fee health care resources
  • Dental Research Programs Investigate Free Opportunities, Nationally and Internationally
  • Medicaid Qualified recipients can contact State agencies for more information
  • CitiBank offers the Citi Health Card
  • Unicorn Financial offers financing plans for assorted orthodontic needs
  • CareCredit, a popular provider promoted by many orthodontists
  • CapitalOne Credit offers financing plans for assorted orthodontic and dental surgery needs
  • EZPay Solutions offers financing plans dedicated to helping people with all credit histories attain financing for dental services (not to be confused with EZ Pay Dental)
  • More and more practices offer In-House Financing for new and established patients
More information about these resources is available on the internet. Most firms now provide on-line application forms to simplify the loan application process.

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